August 20, 2018

RHS Class of 83 – 35 Year Reunion FAQ


RHS Class of 83 – 35 Year Reunion Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How is the ticket price set? A. The ticket price covers costs for: facility rental fees, costs per person for food and beverages, disc jockey, security, website, souvenirs, printing, administrative expenses, etc..

Q. Why is it so expensive? A. It’s not! Attending a reunion is way less expensive than attending a prom. No formal attire to purchase or rent. No need for a limo or corsage. Consider all that is included in your ticket price – event venue rental, food, beverages, wine & beer, service staff, decorations, music, nametags, etc. Let’s not forget the opportunity to reunite with your classmates. The Reunion Committee reaches out to your old classmates, giving them the opportunity to get together again. All the work was done for you, and you get to attend and just have a good time. All considered, it’s an incredible value!

Q. Who might I expect to see at the reunion? A. High school classmates, many of who graduated with your class and others who did not. Lots of classmates attend solo, and others bring a friend, sibling, spouse or date. Not everyone will attend, though, so if there are particular people you want to see, encourage them to come. Sometimes a personal invitation is all they need to make the decision to attend.

Q. How can I find out who is going to attend? A. The best way is to contact your classmate friends to see if they are going and whom else they know that is. You can always contact the committee – but beware the list changes daily and is never accurate until the party begins.

Q. Is our reunion being planned by a reunion-planning company? A. No. In an effort to keep reunion costs low, the committee is made up of fellow-alumni who have volunteered their time and effort to organize and plan the event. The committee is made up of mostly local alumni, together encompassing years of experience managing a variety of projects, facilities, and events. The committee is dedicated to putting on the best reunion possible.

Q. Why is there an “early bird” price? A. An early bird price is offered as an incentive, to get classmates to register in a timely manner. Early registration receipts offset the monies advanced by the Reunion Committee to pay for deposits, searching, printing and mailings, etc. It also enables the committee to plan and commit funds for entertainment and other extras.

Q. What are my payment options? A. You can pay with check, cash, money order … will implement an electronic payment method soon.

Q. Do you mail tickets? A. No. We work hard to keep the costs down so we don’t mail tickets. You may confirm your payment has been received by contacting the committee – email is best ( Your cancelled check or credit card statement is your receipt, and your name will appear on a master guest list at the door.

Q. Why is there a price increase one week before the event? A. Almost all facilities have limited capacity and limited ability to add additional food/drink to cover last minute guests. Late, unexpected arrivals cause problems for the facility: not enough tables, chairs, food, drinks, bartenders, etc. Receiving your registration in a timely manner will assure adequate staffing and food preparation. While it is our desire to discourage late payments (so the event can be best planned), we want to make it possible for those who are unable to make the decision earlier to still be able to come.

Q. I have to cancel my registration – how do I get a refund? A. We will be happy to send you a refund, less the cancellation fee of $15.00 (per person), as long as it is prior to April 1, 2018. Final payments will be made to the event facilities on or about April 1, therefore, no refunds are able to be given after this time.

Q. What should I wear to the reunion? A. Plan to wear very casual clothes for this event. The key is to be comfortable!